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Welcome to ilovebacteria.com!
Ask a silly question...

Thinking about a career in
science or simply interested
in the world around us?

Answers to some of those questions you've always wondered about, like
"Why is the sky blue?"
Meet the microbes...
Not all bacteria cause disease! Find out about some of the microbes that are all around us.    
Welcome to ilovebacteria.com
The home of the geekiest science stuff on the net!
Ask a scientist...

Advice for those considering
a career in science.

Web site and book reviews...
Do try this at home...
Reviews of some of the best science web sites on the net and popular science books.
DIY experiments that you can carry out in the comfort of your own kitchen or school, with advice on experimental method.
Simple science...
  Easy to understand explanations to common scientific principles and amazing discoveries. Check out brand new Superduperbugs.com. Get your revenge on disease-causing bacteria!
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