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Hi dudes. My name is Bacillus subtilis. It's pretty cool to be me. Nothing bothers the B. sub when he knows he can turn into a tough endospore if things start to look a bit dodgy. My spores are super-hardy, meaning I can survive extreme temperatures, acid, salt or starvation for really long times. I just hang about and wait out whatever stress is getting me down.

When things get a bit dull in my soil home, I like to head off to the science laboratories where the humans like to use me as a model organism. Being so amenable to genetic manipulation has its uses. But my fave past time has to be converting explosives and radioactive waste into harmless compounds. The other soil bacteria love a daredevil.

And did you know that I was involved in testing the vulnerability of the New York subway to a biological attack? Special Ops released me on the tube to find out just how many people would be killed in the event of a bio-warfare attack. Turned out that the entire system could be contaminated by releasing bacteria in just one train. Bummer.

The Bacterium Bacillus subtilis taken with a Tecnai T-12 TEM. Taken by Allon Weiner, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel. 2006. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bacillus_subtilis.jpg

Please take a look at ilovebacteria.com's favourite new site, Superduperbugs.com and have on play on their awesome microbe-themed games. Your body is under attack from disease-causing bacteria. So what are you going to do?

'Germ Stories' by Arthur Kornberg brings the world of microbes to life. You can read a review of this book here

NEW! Agar Art - Works of art created on petri dishes with bacteria and fungi!


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